Seminar weekend Protovivencia, Trauma en de effecten op de vijf lijnen, 25 en 26 september 2021 door Maria Verhulst (VOL)

Maria Verhulst is mede-directeur van de Biodanzaschool Soignies in België. Zij is specialist op het vlak van lichaamsgericht bewustzijn, trauma en heling. Deze dag is voor de studenten van de Biodanzaschool Utrecht en tevens open voor andere studenten, studenten-onder-supervisie, en facilitators.

Investering: € 180,00, te voldoen vóór 15 september t.n.v. M. Hoed/Biodanza
IBAN: NL 58 INGB 0702 848 948

The traumas of protovivencias and their consequences on the evolution of the 5 lines of vivencia.

The expression of the genetic potential which every human being carries inside starts from birth onwards. This genetic potential expresses itself through the experience of life.

The first life experiences – protovivencias- will leave an indelible imprint on our behavior, our survival modes and our identity.

At birth, a child is totally dependent on the person who takes care of him to answer his needs. When faced with a traumatic event during the time of the protovivencias, the baby cannot react with an archaic response by “flight” or “attack”.

This means that freezing will easily occur. Symptoms and illness will appear since the child, due to it’s biology being premature, is submitted to needs which he cannot physically discharge, simply because he is not able to walk, run, etc. yet.

Frozen at a young age, the infant, the child and later the adult ends up with little resilience and with a difficulty to auto-regulate.

The traumas caused during the time of protovivencias leave us in a state of hyper vigilance while not knowing the true reason for this distress.

When the trauma occurs very early or when it is severe, some people will even disconnect completely and will lessen any feeling and emotion. Sometimes, the dissociation will rather be of physiological nature than of psychological nature.

The need for contact is immense but can create extreme fear. Life narrows in order to avoid the stress and limit the level of fear.

Biodanza provides all the resources necessary to accompany reconnection and being fully present.

How to recognize the traumas related to protovivencias? What do vivencias become when protovivencias have been traumatic? How can we use our tools as facilitators to accompany people on their way to healing?

We will develop on these themes together for ourselves and for the people who give us their trust in coming to our classes.